Visit to Podsreda Castle

Podsreda is one of the best preserved and laid out castles on Slovenian soil. It is surrounded by a vast feudal estate owned by Countess Hema Breže-Selška on the northern slope of Orlica, 5 km from the eponymous market town of Podsreda. 

Podsreda Castle – the most castle-like of Slovenian castles

Podsreda Castle, ‘the most castle-like of Slovenian castles’ has a special place among the castles in the Kozjanski park area, as its rich cultural activity continues well into the present day. It is a rare example of the Romanesque style in Slovenia. In the past 30 years, it underwent a thorough restoration from a more or less dilapidated state to an important venue for events and to the emblematic centrepiece of the comprehensive offers available in this part of Slovenia. Podsreda Castle fully comes into life in particular in the warmer months when it hosts many events that see the participation of domestic and international artists. 

You will visit the castle interior with its renaissance hall, the permanent exhibition of paintings by France Slana, the permanent collection of glass from the former glassworks, the castle jail and kitchen and the cellar where you may see the presentation of the protected area of Kozjansko Regional Park, and the castle attic and galleries that host the exhibitions of renowned domestic and international artists. The renaissance hall also serves as an official venue for weddings.

Podsreda Castle also offers the possibility to view a video presentation of the natural and cultural heritage of Kozjanski park, the purchase of local produce and souvenirs in the small shop, juice tastings and the possibility to hire the castle kitchen and renaissance hall and to host cultural daytrips for basic and secondary schools.