The Municipality of Podčetrtek is one of the destinations that submitted their applications based on the Slovenian Tourism Board’s  third national call to promote the introduction of sustainable operations in tourism, the so-called Green scheme of Slovenian tourism – Slovenia Green. The Scheme has grown and today includes 18 destinations and 10 providers who managed to obtain the Slovenia Green seal of approval.

The Green scheme of Slovenian tourism (ZSST) is a comprehensively designed national system for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Slovenia on all pillars of sustainable development – environmental, social and economic. The scheme, owned by the Slovenian Tourism Board, is intended both for destinations, tourist accommodation providers and tourist agencies.

The Municipality of Podčetrtek has now become one of the destinations that evaluate the sustainability of their operations in the field of tourism using international tools – Green Destinations Standard and ETIS, which will enable international comparability and recognisability. On our path towards obtaining the Slovenia Green sign, which is estimated to be achieved by the end of 2018, various activities will be used geared at collecting information on the sustainability of our development in tourism and raising the awareness of the local population, the business sector, the visitors and other stakeholders in regard to the importance of sustainable tourism.

Immediately after joining the scheme, we have appointed Mr Boštjan Misja as the coordinator responsible for the implementation of the entire procedure, and formed the green team, which will assist the coordinator in collecting information and drafting and implementing the necessary measures.

The comprehensive steered procedure will enable us to acquire a precise insight into the sustainability of our destination as regards tourism, as well as a gold, silver or bronze Slovenian Green Destination award. In the first half of the coming year (2019), we will use these findings and the guidelines to draft an action plan of measures that will enable us to further improve sustainable operation at our destination.
Thanks to the Slovenia Green Destination award, we will be able to position ourselves as an environmentally and socially friendly destination on the Slovenian, European and global market.
A green (environmentally and socially responsible) destination is not merely a project, task or responsibility of the tourist board. It is something that can only be achieved by everyone involved – all stakeholders at the destination, both in the public and the non-governmental sectors as well as in the private sector – and not only in tourism, but in all fields of activity. Last but not least, everyone living at the destination are in fact key actors in this process. Namely, it is of utmost importance that a destination should primarily be friendly and a nice place for all of us living and working in the area. Only then will it also be experienced as such by the people visiting us.

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