Magical mornings at 400m above sea leve

For many years, Hiška pod Rudnico was a hospitable location for picnics and celebrations, but now it has decided to share its hospitality with you. Magical mornings at 400m above sea level in the embrace of nature, shelter from tree canopies and birdsong will ensure complete disconnection and vacation in the true sense of the word. Our house is located in the heart of Kozjansko, near the Terme Olimia spa and under the observation tower of health and happiness at Rudnica. The house offers a unique view of Olimje, Kozjansko, all the way to Sljemen (Croatia). Log cabin is located in Olimje, near Podčetrtek, less than five minutes from the monastery and Jelenov Greben, not far from the Olim Spa. The location is an excellent starting point for trips to nature and visiting the natural and local sights of Kozjansko, for example: Terme Olimia with excellent saunas, Family fun wellness for families with children, luxury wellness Orhidelia; Aqualuna, a summer thermal park with many activities and attractions; the local restaurant Jelenov greben with a 100-head herd of deer and mouflons; golf course Amon, Odiseja Planetarium in the village of Podčetrtek; The Minorite monastery of Olimje in a beautiful mansion, the magnificent Church of the Assumption of Mary, one of the most beautiful baroque works of art in our country and a world-famous herbal pharmacy; Chocolate shop Olimje, where they offer a wide range of homemade chocolate products; A witch with a land of fairy tales and fantasy.

Oglejte si še

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Local souvenirs


Soap with a rich cinnamon odor that stimulates and gives a feeling of warmth in familiarity. Suitable for normal skin and oily-dry skin.

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