A culinary experience with specialties from Kozjansko and a great welcome.

Top quality offer of seasonal local food with selected wines

For a number of years, the Šempeter inn has contributed to spreading the renown of Slovenian cuisine, thanks to its offer of national and local dishes. The quality of food and kind welcome offered to guests has earned them the right to use brand Gostilna Slovenija, which is awarded only to genuine Slovenian inns. This sign makes them proud but at the same time presents the obligation to only provide top quality food and outstanding service.

Experience the harmony of the flavours of Kozjansko

In the creation of their menu, the cooks will only consider seasonal dishes done in a creative way. With the carefully selected wines by local winemakers, the waiters will help you experience the harmony of the flavours of Kozjansko. The most typical culinary delicacy is the capon. Šempeter inn is one of the rare inns that still raise their own capons. They are happy to serve them and satisfy the most discerning of palates. 

One of their activities is also catering. With their own team and equipment, they prepare banquets at meetings, weddings, family celebrations, receptions and other social events. 

The inn can seat 50 guests indoor. In the warmer months, they also have a shady garden, where they can receive 120 people at the same time.

What is a capon?

In the past, the capon was the symbol of abundance and was typically consumed by privileged social groups. It was especially served at castles and sumptuous bishops’ feasts.

Capons are bread only for their prized white meat; an animal weighs from 2.2 to 3 kilograms, and is bigger than a regular chicken. The juicy and tasty flesh is why it will please each and every lover of poultry. Unlike hens and pigs, its fat is not accumulated in one location, but is evenly distributed between the strands of muscle tissue.

In the days of old, capons were only prepared on holidays and special occasions, but today, our inn serves them throughout the year. Due to the preparation procedure and to achieve the desired quality, patrons are required to reserve it in advance.

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Test tubes containing home-grown herbal infusions from the Olimje monastery with various flavours, such as mint, chamomile, mixed herbs, mixed forest fruits and mixed monastery herbal combination.

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