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Chopped garlic, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, sea salt.

8,00 €
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100% pumpkin seed oil.

9,00 €
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A dry mature white wine, 2016 vintage. Interesting tropical aromatics and a typical flavour that remains fresh and harmonious in spite of aging.

14,00 €
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Local souvenirs


Witch dolls in three colors.

7,00 €
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Homemade produce packed in a cardboard box.

12,00 €
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The Witch’s hut is always an interesting proposition. You will enter the secret land of fairy tales and fantasy, see how people used to live and admire souvenirs from various corners of the world. Here, you will achieve perfect relaxation and return to reality filled with joy and optimism.

3,00 €
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This young cheese is perfect for grilling, to accompany cold cuts or in a salad.

4,50 €
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The product does not contain any additives. A natural and healthy product.

1,40 €
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Homemade spirit "Drnulovec".

8,50 €
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Test tubes containing home-grown herbal infusions from the Olimje monastery with various flavours, such as mint, chamomile, mixed herbs, mixed forest fruits and mixed monastery herbal combination.

10,00 €
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Tickets and tours


Podsreda is one of the best preserved and laid out castles on Slovenian soil. It is surrounded by a vast feudal estate owned by Countess Hema Breže-Selška on the northern slope of Orlica, 5 km from the eponymous market town of Podsreda.

4,00 €
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Pears in William’s pear brandy with 22-carat gold.

11,00 €
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