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The Witch’s hut is always an interesting proposition. You will enter the secret land of fairy tales and fantasy, see how people used to live and admire souvenirs from various corners of the world. Here, you will achieve perfect relaxation and return to reality filled with joy and optimism.

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Podsreda is one of the best preserved and laid out castles on Slovenian soil. It is surrounded by a vast feudal estate owned by Countess Hema Breže-Selška on the northern slope of Orlica, 5 km from the eponymous market town of Podsreda.

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Visit to the medieval market square of Podsreda with its pillory, floral treatment plant, Carjevič throne and St John the Baptist church. This is followed by the discovery of the Slovenian-Bavarian house with the statue of Anton Aškerc. The Kozjanski park management office offers the following: a video presentation of the natural and cultural heritage of Kozjanski park, purchase of local produce and souvenirs from the shop, and juice tasting.

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