Refurbishment of the website

About the refurbishment project of the website of TURIZEM PODČETRTEK, BISTRICA OB SOTLI, KOZJE

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In addition to providing appropriate information that is also relevant to tourism, the refurbished website helps create the conditions supporting the sales of local produce and services. We enhance the sales of everything that is available locally, and improve the conditions for marketing and promotion.

In our area, there are many tourism-related products that, due to a lack of funding intended for their marketing and promotion, do not sell well and fail to reach their potential. The long-term goal of this project is therefore to increase the overall satisfaction of the tourists, who will discover something new and authentic, but also the satisfaction of our providers and producers, who will find it easier to market and sell whatever they are offering.

Among other things, we enable the providers to target, in addition to the groups segment, also all potential individual clients, which is only possible by selling their produce and services directly via the online store. This project thus combines the tourist offers available in the municipalities of Podčetrtek, Bistrica ob Sotli and Kozje to form a unified commercial package.

The main activities carried out within the framework of the website refurbishment project in accordance with the aims of the project:
  1. setting up a more user friendly and attractive design,
  2. possibility of faster and more transparent search of information by using filters,
  3. enabling the possibility of submitting one’s enquiry and/or purchase or tourist offers (experiences, accommodation, events),
  4. setting up an interactive map,
  5. setting up an online store,
  6. setting up e-mail marketing,
  7. enhanced usability and updated digital experience,
  8. introduction of new technology ensuring greater security and easier maintenance of the website.

More info on the project and cofinancing resources (in Slovene):

European Commission, Rural development

LAG Obsotelje in Kozjansko 2014-2020

Program Razvoja podelželja Republike Slovenije 2014-2020