Podčetrtek Koza, zmaj in še kaj, Kozje (Goat, dragon and more, Kozje)

Goat, dragon and more is an event with a likeable name which aims to present to the visitors local folklore traditions.

Goat, dragon and more is an event with a likeable name which aims to present to the visitors local folklore traditions and spread the legend of the goat and the dragon around the world, as well as to present and reinforce the culinary, gastronomic and artisanal identity of Kozjansko through the varied offer of homemade food and drinks and items by local craftsmen.

In April 2016, the Municipality of Kozje celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the first mention of the hamlet, followed by the 10th anniversary of the International Folklore Festival in May. The above were cues that prompted them to create a special event dubbed ‘Goat, dragon and more’, which in a very special and entertaining way consolidates the identity of the Kozjansko area. Thus three major associations active in the Municipality of Kozje joined forces to organise the ‘Goat, dragon and more’ event, which links Slovenian and foreign folklore traditions, narrates to the people the popular story about the dragon and, of course, goat, and through the diverse offer of local food and drink strengthens the cultural, tourist, gastronomic and artisanal identity of Kozjansko. 
Each year, the event celebrates domestic and foreign folklore traditions with the ‘International Folklore Festival of Kozje’ that sees the performance of numerous domestic and foreign folklore groups. During the event, they share with the public the popular legend of the Kozjansko dragon and the goat that saved the village of the ‘dragon pest’. Visitors simply love the story… That said, visitors also appreciate the fascinating variety of traditional crafts on offer at the ‘Fair of Kozjansko treats’ and the culinary traditions at the ‘Open kitch’n of Kozjansko’.
The folklore presentations taking place throughout the day and the underlying theme of the Kozjansko legend, during which you may also meet the goat and the dragon, impart a unique character to the fairground event.  But all visitors are in for another special experience – this is the day that dragons actually come to Kozje! Part of the event each year is the so-called ‘Slovenian dragon reunion’ and this is when dragons from all over Slovenia flock straight from legends and fairy tales onto the stage of the event at Kozje.