Rustic style, organic food and homely recipes.

For the pampering of all senses, set off on a culinary journey to the Amon homestead. The rustic style of its decoration is reminiscent of a wine cellar and the equipment also stems from the family’s winegrowing and winemaking heritage. They offer dishes made according to old family recipes and place great emphasis on the preparation of healthy organic ingredients. The Amon farm has been awarded the organic farming certificate, so that their chefs can use home-grown ingredients, and homemade produce can be purchased from their small shop called Pri babici (Grandma’s shoppe).


Guided tasting of exceptional wines

The Amon family company is the oldest family-owned winemaking company in Slovenia, producing and bottling top quality wines from the Šmarje-Virštajn sub-region. Wine tastings at the Amon homestead, decorated in the style of Slovenian winemaking traditions, are always an unforgettable experience. They are proud to be able to offer without exception their latest vintage as well as numerous archive wines they stock. Tastings can be complemented with cold snacks, and all wines from their portfolio are available for purchase from their small shop.


Soothing relaxation and rest in nature

The Amon family strives to offer only the best to its guests, be it wine, food, sporting activities or accommodation. The Natura Amon guesthouse is nestled in an oasis of greenery, high-quality furniture is made of natural materials, and the colours have a soothing effect on your comfort and wellbeing. A playground is available to the youngest guests. Also available are bicycles, or you may go for a hike on one of the numerous signposted trails that will let you discover the most beautiful places in the area. Adventurers can also hire a parking slot for camper vans.


The golf course enables you to reconnect with nature and your inner self

Olimje is located in a picturesque landscape on the banks of the river Sotla, an wonderful gem of unspoilt nature. The harmony of natural beauty and human effort is reflected in the wonderfully tended golf course with nine holes. A stroll in the midst of sand and water traps of the nine holes is a real challenge where you will face your inner self and reach deep relaxation as well as test your psychological and physical fitness.


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