Seducing smell of mouth-watering chocolate.

The Olimje chocolate shop is a family-run company that brought back to life the tradition of its forefathers, who made chocolate in Vienna before the onset of the First World War. Today, they offer a wide array of handmade chocolates. From chocolate figurines to truffles, from chocolate bars to dragées to various selected chocolates, you will be hard pressed to find your favourite product.


The inspiration for new products is imagination 

Since their aim is to meet the clients’ tastes and wishes as well as they possibly can, the shop allows you to create chocolates according to your own wishes and creative ideas. Each year, the Olimje chocolate shop develops a few new flavours and offer them to buyers at their own points of sale. They say that the most beautiful part of the process is developing new flavours as this is the time they let free rein to their imagination and playfulness, and then, needless to say, the moment when they can finally taste their new creation.


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14,00 €


A dry mature white wine, 2016 vintage. Interesting tropical aromatics and a typical flavour that remains fresh and harmonious in spite of aging.

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23,00 €
All experiences

Visit of the golden Olimje

If you want to discover how rich and diverse our region is, join us on a trip that includes a visit of the heart of Podčetrtek, the spa resort Terme Olimia, the feeding of deers, where you will be able to see them from up close, as well as different culinary experiences, such as the visit of the Friars Minor Monastery and the tasting of the Friar's drops, the visit of a chocolate shop and a tasting of beer. Unforgettable experiences are only a step away.

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Music events

Festival of wine and chocolate at Podčetrtek

The festival of wine and chocolate combines two exceptional products into an unusual match that delights a very wide public and adds to Podčetrtek, a popular tourist destination already, yet another dimension and a new social event. It is accompanied by interesting festival events: from tastings, children’s chocolate workshops, cooking experiences and varied musical and entertainment programme.

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