An old homestead preserved for future generations 

If you wish to learn about how our ancestors lived back in the day, we recommend visiting the beautifully preserved Kravarič homestead consisting of a wooden and thatched house dating back over 200 years, with a preserved indoor open fireplace (‘black kitchen’) and barn, also thatched, and a wooden pigsty with a toilet. The layout of the house is traditional: through the door we enter the square anteroom and from there into the three remaining rooms: the black kitchen straight ahead, to the right ‘house’ that served as the bedroom, and the left ‘house’ that served as the kitchen and living room, from there to the chamber (‘štiblc’). The inside of the house with typical items is well preserved.

Votive chapel

Near the house stands the chapel erected in the homestead by Neža and Jožef Kravarič. Just as they were expecting a baby, their home was stricken with consumption. In these difficult moments, the couple made a vow to Mary. In March 1909, a healthy baby was born, so they built a votive chapel in the same year to thank Mary. The wooden sculpture behind the house represents Kravarič’s uncle. It was made in 2003 by Franci Černelč.


Oglejte si še



Total relaxation and pampering at the pleasant homestead where nature embraces you.

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