Welcome to the Emino House of Wines, the home of goodness.

For culinary experiences of a special kind

When you want something more than just a glass of wine. When you wish for a sensual experience. When you would only like to get away for a moment. This is the time to stop at the Emino house of wines. The place that has been home to goodness for many years places special importance and gives a special purpose to excellence. They have opened the door to culinary experiences just for you, and set up a little corner, above the cellar where grapes become noble wine, where they offer gastronomic pleasures in addition to their fine wines. They have intertwined them to make a special bunch you may offer on various social occasions. The specialties on offer are kozjanski krapi (type of ravioli), crackling potica rollo (ocvirkovka), Styrian dried ham, the cellar master’s wine soup, frog’s legs, duck in red wine, chestnut štruklji and many other scrumptious dishes that have found their home on the banks of the River Sotla.

For anyone wishing to share part of their unforgettable experiences with them, they will prepare an event in the way as to let the guests feel the soul of Kozjansko, of the vineyards and of the simple and merry folk from the region. Anniversaries, birthdays or premium wine experiences are just part of the excellent stories written on the walls of the Emino House of Wines. 

Premium wines and guided tastings 

Naturally, it is the wines who are the main reason behind everything that happens around here. A special harmony permeates the premium and superior quality wines from the Emino House of Wines – the cultural heritage of Obsotelje and Kozjansko flows through them, embedded in the selected offer of fine droplets from the vineyards kissed by thousands of golden sunrays. Grown and made into wine with the care and love for the thousand years of winemaking tradition. And tinged with the thought of the special moments of raising the glass to special achievements.

They will be glad to offer you a bottle of selected red and white Emino wines, as well their wines from the tap. Needless to say, a special proposition is one of their guided tastings with an individualised programme that includes the visit to the cellar and dishes to accompany the wines, while the in-house sommelier will, in addition to the exceptional wines, also present to you the most legendary of legends – that of Saint Emma, the patron saint of Obsotelje and Kozjansko, whose name proudly adorns their bottles.

Oglejte si še

8,00 €


Chopped garlic, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, sea salt.

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