A rich offer of healthy and homemade organically produced food

The farm offers healthy food made with love

The Ivanc farm is located in the heart of Kozjansko, in the village of Buče to be precise, next to the main road leading to Kozje. The farm covers 14 hectares and has a tradition dating back to as early as 1808. This cosy family-owned farm offers a wide array of healthy products that you may taste before buying.
Their offer includes fruit juices, wines, buckwheat flour and groats, buckwheat pasta, hemp seeds, hemp tea, hemp pasta, spelt flour, wheat flour, pumpkin seed oil, millet flour, millet groats and oat flakes with added flavours.

Rich winemaking tradition

Winemaking has a rich tradition at the farm, but in recent years, they have also been focusing on growing and processing cereals. They also grow and process hemp. The farm is adorned by a beautiful grassland orchard with old varieties of apples typical of Kozjansko, which are then made into juice and vinegar, and they are also keen amateur horse breeders. The farm is currently being reprogrammed from conventional to organic farming, as their aim is to offer as many organically produced foods as possible.

Oglejte si še

Annual events

Goat, dragon and more, Kozje

Goat, dragon and more is an event with a likeable name which aims to present to the visitors local folklore traditions and spread the legend of the goat and the dragon around the world, as well as to present and reinforce the culinary, gastronomic and artisanal identity of Kozjansko through the varied offer of homemade food and drinks and items by local craftsmen.

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