An inn with a venerable tradition for special experiences.

The perfect combination of winemaking traditions and modern approaches

Virštanj is a settlement stretched out on the slopes of the winegrowing hills, the name of which first appeared in the 13th century. The heart of the area is the knights’ and winemaking cellar called Banovina next to which grows a 120-year-old vine. Its central role in the entire winemaking region is attested by the well-established and renowned wine blend dubbed the Virštanjčan.

A renovated house for new experiences

You will be treated to gastronomic experiences at the 100-seat restaurant that occupies a renovated house dating back several centuries. The inn also boast the so-called knights’ cellar, where they will pamper you with tastings of a diverse selection of locally produced Virštanj wines.  In addition to that, they also accept orders for feasts marking anniversaries and other special occasions, but they also offer tasty Sunday lunches, a la carte dishes and catering services for home parties.

Besides hiking and cycling trips through the winegrowing hills and visits to local attractions, you may also visit local events, such as: Night at Virštanj, Klopotec (i.e. mechanical scarecrow) Saturday, Old Vine Harvest, St. Martin’s Feast.

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A prestigious location for romantic moments and unique relaxation in harmony with nature.

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Tickets and tours


Visit to the medieval market square of Podsreda with its pillory, floral treatment plant, Carjevič throne and St John the Baptist church. This is followed by the discovery of the Slovenian-Bavarian house with the statue of Anton Aškerc. The Kozjanski park management office offers the following: a video presentation of the natural and cultural heritage of Kozjanski park, purchase of local produce and souvenirs from the shop, and juice tasting.

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