Podčetrtek Festival of wine and chocolate at Podčetrtek

Slovenia offer a wide array of exquisite and choice wines and chocolate masterpieces that exceed ordinary flavours

The wish to merge these two exceptional products of Slovenia lead to the idea and organisation of the first wine-chocolate festival of Slovenia. The aim was to add to the soul of the touristy Podčetrtek and press pause on the relatively fast pace of life for a little while, and it succeeded: Podčetrtek is today synonymous with the merger of chocolate and wine, while the festival has become an international social event where wine and chocolate aficionados meet, have fun and make new acquaintances. But since they wish to instil a bit of the local environment into the festival, they are introducing regional particularities. Thus festival-goers might bump into the village carver, learn more about Kozjanski park and even have something sweet other than chocolate: the women from the local farms always prepare a selection of mouth-watering local specialties.