The meaning of life is ... to experience as much as possible. And the most beautiful notes of experience resound among the hills of Obsotelje and Kozjansko. Let them play for you the melody of spring memories that will warm your heart.


Duration 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Go back to your essence – to your oasis of peace, happiness and contentment. Time will pass more slowly, smiles will last longer…

Duration 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Hike to Rudnica / Hike to Veternik

The sound of wind caught between the strings of a wind harp invites you to the highest peak of Veternik. This symbolizes the palms embracing the Kozjansko apple and is the work of musician and sound researcher Primož Oberžan. Or you can go to the breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and hills from the Tower of Health and Happiness at Rudnica, which conjures up the most beautiful views from a height of 40m.

Duration 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Lunch at the Amon Homestead

The Amon family aims at offering the very best to its guest, be it wines, food, sports activities or accommodation. Here you can relax and enjoy nature. You will marvel at the harmony of natural beauty and human endeavours that is reflected in the beautifully tended golf course with nine holes. For the pampering of all senses set off on a culinary journey to the Amon homestead, where you will be served an authentic local home-made lunch.

Duration 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Pearl bath in thermal water

A bath filled especially for you with pure natural thermal water directly from the spring to relax the body (relieves tension in the muscles, increases tissue circulation, invigorates and strengthens the body's defense mechanisms). It also has a beneficial psychological effect, as the thermal water has a calming effect.


Sustainable travel means making smarter choices in all aspects of travel. It's about choosing the modes of travel that we want to be environmentally friendly, whether that's by offsetting CO2 emissions, reducing waste, staying in eco-friendly accommodation or shopping locally and supporting the community.

We also emphasize sustainability in our experiences, so we also urge you, dear visitors, to follow the following guidelines:


There are bins for proper separation of waste both at the destination and at each provider. We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc.


We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc. However, since the water at the destination is potable, you can avoid buying bottled water.


We encourage green travel - you can get to the center of the destination by train or bus. After the destination, you can also reach popular sightseeing spots by bicycle.


Buying local produce creates a positive effect both economically and environmentally. Because the shorter the distance the products travel, the smaller the carbon footprint. It also benefits local communities, especially in rural areas.

From each experience sold, we allocate 1 euro to encourage and cofinance providers of our tourist destination to be included in sustainable certification systems.