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Visit the production - tourist center of Jelenov Greben

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Duration 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

PTC is the latest acquisition of Jelenov greben. Although the story of the new center is being written in 2021, the soul of this center dates back a couple of decades. If you know the history of the beginnings of the Jelenov greben company, you know what we are talking about. Otherwise, we will entrust you with some more interesting things that will surely impress you.

Duration 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Visit the production - tourist center Piki

Many people remember the beginnings of the Jelenov greben company after growing mushrooms, compost and canned goods. You can still find the latter on our store shelves today, and we also offer you: homemade jams, spirits, biscuits, dried fruit, nuts and venison salami and prosciutto. In addition to food products, the offer of products under the Jelenov greben brand also includes laser-engraved products and ceramic products made of clay.

All of the listed products and more are manufactured in our new PTC center. But that's not all! You can see all the production in the center yourself. There are nine stops where you will find a board with all the interesting and important information and an audio way of listening to the text. At the same time, the outposts will show you the entire process of making our products: from the raw material to the final, packaged product.

After the tour, there is a tasting of local products, which is included in the ticket price. If you are convinced by the viewing and tasting, you will be able to buy all the presented products in the new store in PTC.


Sustainable travel means making smarter choices in all aspects of travel. It's about choosing the modes of travel that we want to be environmentally friendly, whether that's by offsetting CO2 emissions, reducing waste, staying in eco-friendly accommodation or shopping locally and supporting the community.

We also emphasize sustainability in our experiences, so we also urge you, dear visitors, to follow the following guidelines:


There are bins for proper separation of waste both at the destination and at each provider. We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc.


We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc. However, since the water at the destination is potable, you can avoid buying bottled water.


We encourage green travel - you can get to the center of the destination by train or bus. After the destination, you can also reach popular sightseeing spots by bicycle.


Buying local produce creates a positive effect both economically and environmentally. Because the shorter the distance the products travel, the smaller the carbon footprint. It also benefits local communities, especially in rural areas.

From each experience sold, we allocate 1 euro to encourage and cofinance providers of our tourist destination to be included in sustainable certification systems.