Renovated it unites a pub, a café and a restaurant under one roof.

TREE lipa

"The linden tree (in Slovenian “Lipa”) has a social symbolic meaning and was considered as the centre of social life and equality." As much in folk tradition, as in Terme Olimia, Lipa represents the centre of events and culinary delights. Already since 1989." So it is written on the food mat in the part of Lipa called Pub, which greets the guest who decided to enjoy a shank, a beer sausage, marinated ribs and other delicacies of the so called bar finger food, complemented by a diverse offer of pizzas, excellent steaks and even a "Mayor's" fried chicken.

Various kinds of beer 

All this is complemented by various kinds of beer that will not disappoint even the most demanding beer lovers. The highlight is the arrangement of the place with beer benches. The latter attracts to such an extent that the guest stops caring about what clothes he donned that day, the only thing that matters is he will eat well and have a good drink to accompany the chosen dish.

A transformation of the restaurant

The restaurant we used to know until now has gone through a transformation of the place as well as the menu. Selected dishes will complement daily meals during the week and on weekends the lunches. The special feature of the food in the restaurant and in the pub is that even those who are sensitive to gluten will be able to eat there, for the experienced kitchen crew will conjure up a variety of gluten-free dishes.

You will feel like at home

The most homely and pleasing to the eye is the café part. There the guest will feel as if he just stepped into a living room, where without a sense of time a person can enjoy the best coffee and pamper his taste buds with perfect desserts from the showcases. At the same time, the guest can reach for the book shelve, read a passage from a good book or rest in the comfort of an armchair or warm by the fireplace in during the winter months. The constant in all the new looks remains the homemade ice cream, carefully perfected by our confectionery chefs and thus remaining the best.

The latter will surely mostly be loved by the youngest, whom Lipa will now pamper even more with a playground, where the little ones will be able to play, create, test their motoric abilities, watch a cartoon and much more. In the meantime their parents can relax and enjoy.

Oglejte si še

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Genuine home fare accompanied by premium wines

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