Genuine home fare accompanied by premium wines

Only a few dozen metres above Olimje monastery you will find Jelenov greben, where the Ježovnik family and their staff never fail to impress and surprise their guests. Among their many activities, their culinary offer is by all means a very recognisable feature. In their restaurant decorated in a very rustic style, the attentive staff will offer genuine food of the Sotla valley and Kozjansko region, venison and mushroom specialties, while the wine list proudly offers a selection of fine wines from all over Slovenia. They make their own bread, so the inviting aroma of freshly baked loaves gives the restaurant a special whiff of homeliness. 


Feeding the deer, an unforgettable experience

A unique feature of the foothills of Olimska gora, the location of the Jelenov greben (‘deer ridge’) homestead, is a heard of some 100 deer and moufflons,  who roam around freely. You may feed them corn and see them from up close. It is certainly not possible to  be in such genuine contact with the animals ever day, therefore everyone, especially children, will cherish the lasting memory of the experience.


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Hidden places

A game of golf and a delicious homemade lunch at Amon Homestead

The Amon family aims at offering the very best to its guest, be it wines, food, sports activities or accommodation. Here you can relax and enjoy nature. You will marvel at the harmony of natural beauty and human endeavours that is reflected in the beautifully tended golf course with nine holes. For the pampering of all senses you will be served an authentic local home-made lunch.

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A prestigious location for romantic moments and unique relaxation in harmony with nature.

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