Unforgettable culinary experiences in the embrace of Mother Nature.

Genuine home fare in the company of premium wines

Only a few dozen metres above the famus Olimje monastery you will find Jelenov greben homestead, where the Ježovnik family and its staff manage to conjure up, time, and time again, pleasant surprises for their guests. Among their many activities, gourmet food is certainly something that they are particularly famous for. In their restaurant decorated in the cosy rustic style (two dining areas that can seat a total of 350 guests), the welcoming staff offer you genuine dishes from the rich tradition of Kozjansko and Obsotelje, venison and mushroom specialties, while their wine selection includes a great variety of premium wines from all Slovenian winegrowing regions. Let us also highlight that their kitchen makes excellent bread, pršjača flatbread with cracklings or sesame seeds, so that the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread adds to the homely atmosphere of the restaurant. They use fresh herbs direct from their garden and make exceptional deserts – they have their own pastry shop.

Their rich offer never fails to impress 

On Sundays, the kitchen also makes Sunday lunches, be it classic or venison-based, and they like to conjure up special menus for festive occations, as they often organise parties for groups of colleagues or friends, as well as provide catering services at other locations.

Oglejte si še



Spend your holiday in a slightly different way – farming activities and the fresh air will lift up your spirits.

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