Homemade wines for every occasion

A varied selection of fine tipple

The Bratuša family, traditionally nicknamed Püst, is proud of its long winemaking tradition transmitted from generation to generation. Their vineyards fall within the Štajerska region or the Šmarje-virštajn sub-region. The key to their success is the combination of tradition with youthful élan. Their vineyard only has 4,000 plants, which places them among smaller winemakers in the region, so all of their focus is on making their wines truly deserve the epithet ‘homemade’.

You may taste and purchase their bottled and on tap wines of the dry Styrian type: Welschriesling, Sauvignon, Gewurztraminer, white and red cuvee, Žametovka, Blue Franconian 2017 – sommelier selection 2018, and ‘Goban’ (mushroom) wines that can be served with mushroom, venison and beef dishes.

A selection of fine wines offered at an idyllic location

All of their wines are produced and aged at »Püstova gurca« (Pust hill), where they are happy to organise picnics, barbecue parties and other feasts for visitors, and will welcome you for a free tasting at their wine cellar based on preliminary reservation, but you may also choose to join the family and try your hand at working among the vines and in the cellar.