Traditional milk and dairy farming and processing

A rich selection of healthy and tasty dairy products

The Sinkovič farm lies in the heart of Kozjansko, in the unspoilt rustic environment. Its main activity is dairy farming, a tradition spanning over 4 decades.

The base is full fat milk with nothing added or taken out of it, and they make probiotic fruit and plain yoghurts, cottage cheese, spreads and young cheeses. They do not thicken their products by using any additives, but process the base ingredient by evaporating water from milk at the pasteurisation stage. Since they wish to offer a little extra to their consumers, they have opted for probiotic yoghurts, which provide basic nutrients and plenty of energy to the human body, as well as other beneficial effects.

They realise the importance of good quality milk, so they place special attention on the feeding of their cows. They have opted not to use any genetically modified organisms and have thus been awarded the relevant certificate.

The best from milk for you

They offer visits of the entire farm, the dairy and cheese dairy. You may also taste their excellent products: yoghurts, cheeses, spreads, Greek yoghurt an other dairy specialties.

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