A gorgeous farm with tradition where time stands still.

Taste the genuine home-cooked food and local wines

Gorca pri Krasu is a tourist and winemaking farm where they will pamper you with genuine and tasty food. They can welcome groups as well as travellers who roam to their part of the woods. The farm also makes and sells their own cured meats and wines, which often win prizes at competitions, so rest assured they will impress any lover of culinary delights.  

Culinary experience with a hint of tradition

The farm prides itself on its stone vaulted wine cellar, and they like to stress that they know may winemaking secrets and that their cook is a true master of making dishes according to the recipes of our grandmothers. When they serve the pork crackling flatbread (‘pogača’), zafrkljača, stuffed roast or venison that the family father will complement with a carefully selected wine made by the family, this is the start of a beautiful culinary experience.

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