The meaning of life is ... to experience as much as possible. And the most beautiful notes of experience resound among the hills of Obsotelje and Kozjansko. Let them play for you the melody of spring memories that will warm your heart.


Duration 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Dust yourself off and step back in time for a few hours – its stories will bring your imagination to life and tell you interesting tales from the time of our ancestors. 

Duration 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Visit of the Olimje Friars Minor Monastery and tasting of the Friar's drops

In the foothills of Mount Rudnica, in the small village of Olimje lies the famous Olimje Friars Minor Conventual Monastery. This former beautiful castle, once owned by the Counts of Attems, is now a monastery, home to the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventual. You will also visit the magnificent Church of the Assumption, one of our countrys most beautiful baroque buildings, adjacent to the monastery. Hidden in the monastery is a priceless work of art the old monastic pharmacy adorned by frescoes. The visit includes the presentation of the garden with over 200 species of medicinal plants and a stop at the shop that sells herbal remedies, where you will taste the Friars drops.

Duration 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


A local tourist guide will show you around the market town. You will see the pillar of shame, old school with a museum classroom, the parish church with the fresco and statue of Slovenia’s only saint (Saint Hemma of Gurk), who was born at Pilštanj. You will also hear many interesting stories and find out why cornel is held in such high esteem at Pilštajn. You will learn lesson from the days of old at the museum classroom, sing Pilštajn’s anthem, the song ‘Water flows past Pilštanj’.

Duration 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Kozje with My mother's school and the old jail

The first mention of the Kozje settlement dates back to 1016, when it was a manor with 30 farms. It was built next to the Kunšperk Pilštanj road as a fairground. You will visit of the market town and the so-called My motherschool, i.e. a museum classroom from the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, set up in the very centre of Kozje by its famous inhabitant Marjan Marinšek.  The exhibition includes the original door of the old school and the entire classroom, with wooden benches and teaching aids. You will also visit the old jail that belonged to the former District Court of Kozje. The jail consists of five cells of which the exhibition takes up four.


Duration 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Tour of Podsreda Castle with a snack

The paths of the Kozjansko hills lead to hidden corners, where time stands still and history is still alive. Here, Podsreda Castle rises above the valley and the medieval square, which has defied the test of time for almost 900 years. Step into the past with a tour of the castle and exhibitions, with the opportunity to get to know and feel the history of our castle, which lives a full and rich life even today.


Sustainable travel means making smarter choices in all aspects of travel. It's about choosing the modes of travel that we want to be environmentally friendly, whether that's by offsetting CO2 emissions, reducing waste, staying in eco-friendly accommodation or shopping locally and supporting the community.

We also emphasize sustainability in our experiences, so we also urge you, dear visitors, to follow the following guidelines:


There are bins for proper separation of waste both at the destination and at each provider. We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc.


We encourage the economical use of water, be it when washing hands, showering, etc. However, since the water at the destination is potable, you can avoid buying bottled water.


We encourage green travel - you can get to the center of the destination by train or bus. After the destination, you can also reach popular sightseeing spots by bicycle.


Buying local produce creates a positive effect both economically and environmentally. Because the shorter the distance the products travel, the smaller the carbon footprint. It also benefits local communities, especially in rural areas.

From each experience sold, we allocate 1 euro to encourage and cofinance providers of our tourist destination to be included in sustainable certification systems.